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Carlsberg / Borderfootball

online documentary

Football unites. To prove this, Carlsberg created a whole new game: Border Football. This game uses what divides people - borders, walls and fences - to bring them closer. We played at three of Europe's most tense borders. For a moment, people from both sides forget the wall between them. They enjoyed the togetherness that only beer and football can create.

Samsung Galaxy S7 / The Worst Instagram Account. Ever!

online documentary

Rùnar Jonsson is a fisherman. After discovering his artistic side, Rùnar faces the difficulties of making pictures in Iceland - a land where    the sun barely shows itself in winter. / What's your story?

online film

Booking believes travel makes better people. We put this to the test and went looking for different reasons why people travel. 7000 filmmakers, 5 stories. 

Copy Of -Tele 2 / Internet Abroad

online documentary

This is the story of a family who reluctantly go on a trip to the south of France. Sceptical and afraid of mounting roaming cost the family is in for a surprise.

Smirnoff / Mindtunes

online documentary

If you have a mind, you can create. In order to prove this Smirnoff enabled us to create a new kind of instrument. Mindtunes is the story of 3 physically disabled musicians who attempt to make music with only one instrument: the mind.

Les Pencheurs

interactive film

This mockumentary shows the ups and downs of the physically challenging life of Justin Matchlovsky.

Renault Megane / Real Views

Interactive experiment

How many real views does the new Renault Megane collect in the real world? Let's tech-up and find out. 

Volkswagen / Volksparking

Interactive experiment

What if we would make every parking space in the city hybrid?

Suicide Hotline

online film

Given the high suicide rates in Belgium, the Flemish suicide prevention hotline urgently needed to recruit new volunteers. But answering a call from someone with suicidal thoughts is not something everybody feels comfortable with. Therefore, we performed an experiment that already pre-selects people. We put a Zelfmoordlijn branded phone in a public place, and let the phone ring. We filmed this experiment and launched the video 2 days before the World Suicide Prevention Day.

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