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Using the magic of football to bring people closer.




Carlsberg has a long involvement in Football. 

Objective: link Carlsberg and its tagline 'That calls for a Carlsberg' to the positive social values of football in these times of football fever.




Football unites. To prove this, Carlsberg created a whole new game: Border Football. This game uses what divides people - borders, walls and fences - to bring them closer. We played at three of Europe's most tense borders. For a moment, people from both sides forget the wall between them. They enjoyed the togetherness that only beer and football can create.



Via the live outdoor events, we let people in Belfast, Cyprus and Kosovo momentarily forget the walls between them. We also made an online movie of the Border Football experience for further spreading and conversation. These three games are only the beginning of Carlsberg's long term commitment to organise Border Football games across the globe.


"Carlsberg gets in on the soccer fever with a heartwarming stunt. “Border Football” brings together people from both sides of the border at the Peace Wall in Belfast, the UN Buffer Zone in Nicosia and the Merdare Border Crossing between Kosovo and Siberia to play the beautiful game — in a different way. Beer, of course, was provided."

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